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Growing With Grace The Strength Of Family
March 2021
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Who Are We

Grace’s presence commands the attention of the room. Grace is very independent and strives to make her parents and grandmother proud of her.  She spends quite bit of her time with her grandmother, Martha.  Grace & Martha share a special bond and they would be lost without each other. Grace is a friendly and has never met a stranger with her smile.  Grace has an inseparable relationship with Elizabeth, Timothy, & Gabriel.  They are like the siblings that she wished she could have had. 

Grace’s classmate and best friend. Gabriel and Grace have been friends since Kindergarten.  Their fathers’ work together in the military.  They were next door neighbors on the military base for a while before Grace’s family moved off the base. They continue to attend the same school and participate in extra-curricular activities together. 

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Grace's Grandmother


Grace’s grandmother is the Matriarch of the family.  She is the glue that holds the family together. Martha is an elderly Southern Creole lady, and Deborah's mother. She is a Christian woman, who not only cares for her family but for her community as well. She instills values in her family and loves to follow the family traditions from her ancestors. Martha’s greatest contribution to Grace’s life is her genuine faith & belief in her. She provides Grace with the most essential needs such as unconditional love, kindness, patience, comfort and, most importantly, her culinary skills & conversation

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Grace's mom


Deborah is a devoted, loving and caring mother to her only child, Grace.  She is a faithful Christian and the Deputy Mayor for the great city of New Orleans, LA. Sometimes, she struggles with balancing her career and family.  She relies on her retired mother, Martha, to assist her in caring for Grace and her household.  She supports her husband & Grace’s father, Dr. Thurman, in his military career. 

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Art Teacher


Miss Jones works with Grace to express her emotions through her creativity.  Grace has developed a relationship with Miss Jones where she feels comfortable with sharing feelings with her.  Miss Jones respects Grace’s diverse talents and her special way of learning

Thurman graces dad.jpg
 Grace's dad 

Dr. Thurman

Dr. Thurman is a protective and an encouraging father to Grace. He serves as a Major & Medical Surgeon in the Army.  He looks forward to retiring in 2 years with 25 years of service.  He enjoys spending time with his family when his schedule allows him to. He demonstrates patience to listen to Grace’s stories and to be the best father that she needs him to be.  Dr. Thurman has a love and a great appreciation for his wife, Deborah & mother-in-love, Martha

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Grace’s classmate and best friend.  Timothy and Grace have been friends since Pre-school.  They often challenge each other to get an A on their assignments.

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Grace’s classmate and best friend.  They have been friends since they were six months’ old.  Grace and Elizabeth’s parents finished high school and college together.

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Mrs. Aubert 

Mrs. Aubert is Grace’s 4th grade teacher. She pushes Grace to focus on her assignments and to be the best that she can be.  She sees the great potential in all of her students and works hard to bring it out of them. She has a special attachment to Grace because she taught Grace’s mother.

Olivia and Hope.jpg

 Grace, Olivia and Hope spends the summer with their grandparents. Their bond is unbreakable.  They enjoy baking with their grandmother and playing together.

Olivia and Hope

Grace’s cousins. 

William is Grace’s mother, Deborah’s older brother. He adores his parents and everything they have brought into his and his sibling’s lives. William is married to Julie. She is a loveable, easy going lady. They are the parents of Olivia and Hope, Grace’s cousins.


Grace’s Aunt Julie & Uncle William

Grandfather James.jpeg

 Grandfather James

Just as Grace’s grandmother is the Matriarch of the family her grandfather James is the Patriarch. He is the God-fearing leader of his home and is doing all he can to support his wife, Martha. James is the typical Southern gentleman

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Volume 2

 Growing With Grace: The Strength Of Family

Growing With Grace The Strength Of Famil

About The Book Series

Grace is a loving, precocious young lady who while being raised by her parents, has a deep and close relationship with her Grandmother. Grace’s life is like other children’s lives until the unthinkable happens, and Grace must learn how to change, adapt, and grow into her new reality.


Growing with Grace is a series of children’s books that follows the life of Grace and her family, as they go through one of the most difficult challenges a family, and a child, will face, the death of a close loved one.


This book shows us the strength of family bonds as Grace and her family pull together to support one another when faced with challenging news about Grandmother’s health.


“Family:  Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends”

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Dr Catrina

Our first memories of our childhood are often innocent – playing hopscotch with neighborhood kids, making mudpies, or even having tea parties with our friends. We don’t really think about our future or the legacy that we will leave for our children. But there is one little girl, who made her childhood dreams come true! Her life wasn’t easy, she had some trials and she had to break a few chains throughout her life, and that’s why Dr. Catrina is affectionately called “The Chain Breaker”. She is an extraordinary woman leading a life of purpose.


Dr. Catrina has been featured in Essence, Oprah & Black Enterprise Magazines to name a few.  Dr. Catrina has received honors from President Barak Obama, Congress members, State Representatives, and others.  Through her philanthropic endeavors, Dr. Catrina is an active board member for various charitable organizations such as Hip-Hop Legend, McLyte’s Educate Our Men Scholarship Fund; Board Chair, Center Of Empowerment For Families & Youth, Inc.; Director of Operations for The Lady General Foundation; and a few others. She serves as one of the many faces in the national child sexual abuse prevention & awareness campaign "Now You See Me".

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